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Secret #1

How to Start Export Import Business Step by Step Process: Unlock the secrets to launching a global trading empire by mastering the step-by-step process of starting an export-import business. Learn to navigate the complexities of international trade with precision.

Secret #2

What Is Export Import Business: Dive into the mystical world of export-import business, where global trade secrets await. Discover how buying and selling goods across borders can transform economies and entrepreneurs alike.

Secret #3

How to Setup Export Business: Setting up an export business is akin to embarking on a treasure hunt across continents. Uncover the essential steps to create a thriving export company that spans the globe, from legal setup to market penetration.

Secret #4

Type of Company in Export: Explore the hidden realm of company types in the export sector. From sole proprietorships to corporations, learn which business structure holds the key to your international trading success.

Secret #5

Document for Export: Navigating the labyrinth of export documentation is crucial for international traders. Unearth the critical documents required to move goods across borders smoothly, avoiding the pitfalls of customs and compliance.

Secret #6

Logistics in Export Import Business: Logistics in the export-import business is the backbone of global trade. Discover the secret strategies for efficient transportation, warehousing, and distribution of goods worldwide, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery.

Secret #7

Incoterm: Incoterms are the sacred texts of international trade, defining the responsibilities of buyers and sellers. Decode these crucial terms to gain insights into risk, cost, and freight considerations in your export-import ventures.

Secret #8

Payment Terms in Export Import: Mastering payment terms in export-import is like unlocking the vault of financial security. Learn the art of negotiating favorable terms that protect your cash flow and build trust with global partners.

Secret #9

How to Find Buyer: The quest to find buyers in the export-import business is a journey filled with intrigue and opportunity. Discover the strategies to connect with international buyers, unlocking new markets and endless possibilities for your products.

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Dipesh Kumar is an Exporter and Founder of Kshemkari Export Import Academy. He is the No. 1 Exim social media influencer in India. He is an international Export import trainer and consultant he has vast experience in international business, he is Exporting more than 50 products like granite products etc.

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Register Today For Rs 999 Rs 47 Only and get exiting bonuses worth Rs 4,999

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